Saturday, February 18, 2017

Visiting the Shimura Shakuhachi Museum

Members of the Koten-shakuhachi-kenkyū-kai, or Society for the Study of Classical Shakuhachi visited the Shimura Shakuhachi Museum in Osaka.

A 2.0 Kogetsu from the personal collection of Higuchi Taizan. 
Gyokusui III looks on in the background.  
Komuso Mutake prepares to play an unusual chokan of Genpu Iwazimu, a komuso from the Taisha period.

Playing a shakuhachi made by Watazumi, 
a master particularly revered in the West.

A 6.0 shakuhachi of Genpu Iwazimu.  So much caught the attention 
of those present that several makers afterward crafted their own 6.0s!

Partially in view on the table, an old Myoan shakuhachi by maker
Kondō Sōetsu and its 3D printer reproduction in yellow, which was 
very light and nearly as resonant.