Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Komuso Priest Jerry R. Schmick, Jr. making memories for people who remember.

Making memories for people who remember the komuso in their youth.

American Zen Priest Doyo Hannya Morrison Ken looks on.

Myoanji Komuso Member Schmick-sama in front of Myoanji.

Chinese Sign at Myoanji

A translation into English would be most welcome.

Three Artworks of Myoanji


Fuké and Kyochiku

The Insight of the Scroll

A Komuso Priest pointed and said the insight of shakuhachi practice is contained in this scroll.

Daitokuji Scroll

Komuso Flute 

Light and Dark
The Boat Rock of Daisenji

A Komuso

Komuso Priest of Myoan-ji

Taizan Gravesite

Komuso caretaker