Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Black Resin Jinashi Shakuhachi

Overlooking his backyard, Sensei Horiuchi tries out the world's first Black Resin Jinashi Shakuhachi. He remarked this jinashi plays very well, and will not fluctuate in tone with temperature variations as bamboo would.  

Many thanks to maker Jon Kypros for this wonderful work!

The Black Resin Plastic Jinashi Shakuhachi alongside the Tominomori Kyozan Taizan-ha Master style Bamboo Shakuhachi, painted with Urushi Laquer.

The original nodes are exactly reproduced from the bamboo mold. Excellent craftsmanship by Shakuhachi Maker Jon Kypros. With wide dynamic tonal range and volume, a very interesting instrument on which to dwell and appreciate.  

Polyurethane resin is also used in the manufacture of rollercoaster and skateboard wheels!

Sensei Morimasa Horiuchi asks whether 3-D printing will be the next advance in master shakuhachi reproduction?

The molds for the Jon Kypros "Bell" shakuhachi.