Sunday, November 27, 2016

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Muroji--When Two Komuso Meet

On the road to Muroji, one of the most scenic mountain temples in Japan

J.R. Mutake plays at the moon bridge entrance to the Muroji grounds

Crossing over into Muroji.

Playing at the first gate.

Playing on the path to the main gate.

The ticket office.  Note the container of free hiking sticks at the corner. 

The main gate of Muroji.
J.R. Mutake introduces himself to Masutani Showza, resident komuso of Muroji.

The honkyoku played. please click through to youtube video.

Looking back at the gate.

Climbing the first set of stairs.  J.R. Mutake will climb the mountain with a tengai in one hand and a shakuhachi in the other, as part of his Shugyo training.

Looking back on the first flight of stairs.

Another flight of stairs.

Which leads to another flight of stairs down...

Looking back up.

Side trip to a Jizo Shrine.


And then the long flight to the peak.

The support beams of the moutain top temple in sight.

The view from the balcony.

Panorama of the temple support and final climb.

Back down sure-footed like a mountain goat and out the gate.

Overview of the climb.

Leaving Muroji at the bus stop, visitors asked the Komuso to play.

Please visit komuso Masutani Shoza at beautiful Muroji.

The Komuso play beautifully, please contribute for the temple.