Saturday, October 8, 2016

1935 Nara Park Komuso

The Deer in the Park

And then there were three...

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Autumn Leaves

Light and Dark Again

The Long March

A Tradition Renews

Assembling in the centre of the temple the participants have their minds cleansed by listening to the Dharma-bamboo of their leader. It was originally a sub-school of the Zen-tradition. That is the cause for (talking about/teaching) giving oneself over to one single bamboo and striving for the realm of ri-ji-mu-ge (Ultimate truth and the phenomenal world are interpenetrating each other without any disturbance.)

The Oldest Shakuhachi in Japan, 1200 Years Ago

From the Shoso-in collection of Emperor Shomu, Nara.

Shakuhachi 1: Dimensions: L. 40.7, D. of mouthpiece 2.3.   Materials & Techniques: Madake (long-jointed bamboo).

Shakuhachi 2: Dimensions: L. 39.3, D. of mouthpiece 2.3.Materials & Techniques: Madake (long-jointed bamboo).
Shakuhachi 3: Dimensions: L. 35.1, D. of mouthpiece 2.3.Materials & Techniques: Ivory.

Shakuhachi 4 of carved stone: Dimensions: L. 35.9, D. of mouthpiece 2.4.  Materials & Techniques: Serpentine.

Shakuhachi 5 with engraved decoration: Dimensions: L. 43.7, D. of mouthpiece 2.3.  Materials & Techniques: Madake (long-jointed bamboo).

Shakuhachi 6 wound with kabanoki (birch tree) bark: Dimensions: L. 38.5, D. of mouthpiece 2.2. Materials & Techniques: Madake (long-jointed bamboo)

Shakuhachi 7: Dimensions: L. 38.2, D. of mouthpiece 2.3. Materials & Techniques: Madake (long-jointed bamboo).

Shakuhachi 8: Dimensions: L. 34.4, D. of mouthpiece 2.0. Materials & Techniques: Marble.