Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gyokusui III Towari Jinashi

The table of shakuhachi at the maker Gyokusui III Osaka  
These five shakuhachi on the left are wide bore jinashi towari 1.8s in the key of C#.  An ideogram and kanji hanko by the thumbhole, and a second ideogram stamped toward the lower node of the shakuhachi are the identifiers of this Myoan style instrument.  Also in the photo are boxes of recorder-like adapters for people who have never played shakuhachi, to appreciate the sound back home in the states before they start their practice of developing a proper embouchure.  One's embouchure adds much tonal character.

Nara Komuso Mutake demonstrates an exceptional tonal character on an extreme large bore 1.8 jinashi shakuhachi.