Monday, October 26, 2015

The Society for the Study of Classical Shakuhachi; "Koten-shakuhachi-kenkyū-kai"

Tanikita Muchiku encouraged Sakurai Muteki to establish a Meian-Shakuhachi group in Osaka. Hence, the "Koten-shakuhachi-kenkyū-kai" (Society for the Study of Classical Shakuhachi) was born.

Monden Tekiku was the second head of the group and retired
about 8 years ago (after his 80th birthday). The present leader and Monden Tekiku's successor is Maeda Tekifū. The aim of the group is the study and transmission of Meian-Shakuhachi music using wide bore 2.5 jinashi-shakuhachi, usually self-made. Some of these beautiful and great playing instruments are pictured in the photograph. A dark brown Edo period 1.9 is placed 2nd from top for sense of scale. Aumann-san and Oota-san are by the table of some of their superb craftsmanship.

Choice unusual root

Amazing wabi-sabi by Oota-san

Zen Priest Doyo Hannya Morrison Ken

Master Oota-san, Seicho and Doyo

Doyo, Master Aumann, and Master Oota

Taking in the Serenity of Kokokuji at Yura