Thursday, October 22, 2015

Master Hiroaki Shimizu and a Dream Realized

Many many thanks to Master Hiroaki Shimizu for graciously leading us on a visit to our center of Myoan shakuhachi, the Temple of Light and Dark, Myoanji, and in a group prayer of Choshi before the altar.  
Me, student Ken Morrison, and Master Hiroaki Shimizu

In the courtyard before the temple of light and dark monument calligraphy with Master Hiroaki Shimizu.
Zen Priest Doyo Hannya Ken Morrison

A dream come true!

Master Hiroaki Shimizu graciously introduced us to Abbot Hirazumi(平住) Ekou(恵光)  Gyozan(仰山).  I'm signing into the guestbook record as Seicho Del Bene Dean.

Doyo Morrison Ken signing the guestbook record.

Master Hiroaki Shimizu generously offered the Myoanji tokonoma shakuhachi for inspection.  A beautiful towari goma jinashi nobekan shakuhachi with full nodes and fine lateral striations along the length of the bore.

After the tour of Myoanji, Master Hiroaki Shimizu led us on a tour of the grounds of main temple Tofukuji, playing Choshi before the altar of the main hall, visible above my head through the large gate structure in the background.  And then a tour of the rock gardens, the entrance admission tickets provided compliments of the Abbot.

Upon my return, Master Hiroaki Shimizu with incredible generosity mailed this souvenir for my trip, a beautiful towari shakuhachi!!!

Also, a beautiful bag and cap arrived with the flute.  Even the mailing tube the Master sent is designed for reuse as a protective case.