Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kyotaku Lineage

Tani Kyochiku
Koku Nishimura
Agar Kyosui Noiri

1) Tuning
The way of kyotaku tuning is not like the way of Shakuhachi tuning.
The way of Shakuhachi tuning makes exact pitch, with adjusting the length of the flute, with adjusting the diameter of the inside flute.
On the other hand The case of Kyotaku , the flute is just one piece , no way to adjust the length, no way to adjust the diameter of the inside flute.
So, even same 2.6 length kyotakus makes different pitches.
But you will be able to manage to adjust the pitches when you play with someone together.
2) How to play ?
Compared with Shakuhachi, Kyotaku is more long, more fat,and much more big volume.
If you play kyotaku like the way of Shakuhachi, You will make only superficial light sound .
Slow and steady breath makes vibrate the big bamboo more efficiently.
Sometimes I saw retouched kyotakus by someone who didn’t know how to play with it.
It is difficult to fix again. You have to know the difference between Kyotaku and Shakuhachi.
3)Rot number ( 4 numbers)
The numbers showing the length of kyotaku.
Example, 2640 showing 2.64 = 2 shaku 6 sun 4 bu.