Sunday, July 10, 2011

Enso Red Root

Large Bore 2.9 Shakuhachi with Honshu Red Urushi from Meijiro--goes on bright orange red and darkens to a deep red.

Background bamboo--Fargesia Rufa (preferred panda food source) Zone 5 Chicago, insulated last Winter with a 4 foot styrofoam box.  Next winter will have to try a thermal blanket, it's growing too big...

Backgound bamboo--Phylostachys Bissetti.  Zone 5 Chicago, no insulation needed, roots survive to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit ground temperature.  15 feet high in six years from a small plant.

Black Urushi and Brown Shuai Urushi on the roots, a turpentine and shuai wash on the lower nodes. A perfect Summer day for curing the natural poison sumac laquer on a screened porch, 90 degree heat, high humidity, no wind, no dust.
2.6 Jinashi with several coats of shuai urushi, glass finish, streak are reflections of sky.  Background Bamboo--Phyllostachys Nuda.  Zone 5 Chicago, no insulation needed.