Monday, November 8, 2010

Wind Bell

My whole being is like the mouth of a bell suspended in empty space:
It does not ask whether the wind blows east or west, north or south.
Impartial to all, it sounds the Wisdom for the sake of others:
“Bong bong bong,” says the wind bell, “bong bong bong.”
One time, upon hearing a temple bell that was hanging in a hall being rung by the wind, he asked Kayashata, “Is it the wind we hear or is it the bell we hear?”
Kayashata replied, “It is beyond the sounding of the wind and beyond the sounding of the bell: it is the sounding of my own Mind.”
The Venerable Sōgyanandai asked, “And, say, just what is your own Mind?”
Kayashata replied, “It is equivalent to saying that everything is altogether tranquil in its stillness.”