Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Photoshop Dai Shihan

I photoshopped this image several years ago and found it recently on another website.  Nice to see again, so I copied it and put it here.

This well-written brief summary was found, too:

Michael Chikuzen Gould is a Grandmaster of shakuhachi, an ancient Japanese bamboo flute initially utilized as a breath awareness and meditation tool by the Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism. The classical repertoire draws from chant, nature and breath and has evolved fluidly over the past 1000 years in multiple directions. Chikuzen sensei is a transmitter of the Dokyoku lineage, an extremely expressive and virtuosic style developed by Watazumido in the 20th century and carried on by shakuhachi masters such as Katsuya Yokoyama and Yoshinobu Taniguchi with whom Chikuzen trained in Japan for 15 years.