Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Dreamy Sound of Bokushitsu's
Shakuhachi Awakened Me
From Deep Sleep One Moonlit Night
A wonderful autumn night, fresh and bright;
Over the echo of music and drums from a
distant village
The single clear tone of a shakuhachi brings a
flood of tears--
Startling me from a deep melancholy dream. ***p. 69
From Wild Ways Zen Poems by John Stevens
I love bamboo how it looks
and because men carve it into flutes ***p.46
flute notes bring gods demons only that music
again the world's biggest ass-man hasn't one friend
his loneliness that music ***p. 68
Crazy Cloud likes his own mind its wish for flutesongs rainy
drinking muttering beside his women ***p. 72
From Crow with No Mouth: Ikkyu by Stephen Berg