Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grand Sensei

Tomimori Kyozan 1899-1975; specialized in Chinese languages at Waseda University.   He also taught Chinese at Qingdao Island in China.

 At one time Small Qingdao Island was an isolated island about 720 meters off shore but in the 1940s a seawall was built, connecting it to the mainland. The island is shaped like a qin (an ancient Chinese musical instrument), and when the waves 'slap' the shoreline, the sound is similar to that of the instrument being played, leading to its local name of 'Qin Island'. The island is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery, which includes steep rocky outcrops, and a variety of trees, such as cherries, pomegranates and hibiscus. Visitors can either walk along the coastline to enjoy the gentle ocean breeze, and to admire the incredible  scenery, or sit on the beach to watch and listen to the gentle waves roll in.