Sunday, October 16, 2011

1,600 year old Embouchure

Cave #46, a painting of a Buddhist Angel playing a shakuhachi-like instrument from the 4-5th century.  From a set of 236 Buddhist rock-cut caves located near Kizil Township (克孜尔乡) in Baicheng County, Xinjiang, China. The site is located on the northern bank of the Muzat River 75 kilometres (by road) northwest of Kucha. This area was a commercial hub of the The Silk Road. 
The caves are said to be the earliest major Buddhist cave complex in China, with development occurring between the 3rd and 8th centuries. Although the site has been both damaged and looted, at least 1000 square metres of wall paintings remain.

From the same area and period, a reliquary with an angel playing a shakuhachi-like flute, and a four string biwa still played in Japan today.