Sunday, October 17, 2010

Voice of the Shakuhachi

Traditional and Contemporary Music for Japanese Bamboo Flute
Fulton Recital Hall.
Co-Sponsored by the University of Chicago Department of Music
and the Japanese Committee of the Center for East Asian Studies.

Michael Chikuzen Gould--Honshirabe



Sanya (Three Valleys)
One form of meditation is to walk around the base of a mountain 1,000 times, or daily for 1,000 days.  Some believe this Zen piece for solo shakuhachi originated from that practice.  The sound flows much the same way as the valleys' paths around a mountain.

Shika No Tohne--Kuniyasu Iwazaki and Chikuzen Duet

Onoe No matsu (Pine on the Hilltop)--Chieko & Kuniyasu Iwazaki

All photos from HighDefinition Video  in 512kbps stereo sound of the complete concert performance.

When I'm left with nothing to say
  I vow with all beings
to rest content in the knowledge
there is really nothing to say.

--Robert Aitken