Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kiku Day Dream

It must have started with the whole story of recording Okuda being on my mind because we were setting up for a DVD recording session. I sat in the Zensabō room opposite of Okuda as usual. I was to play the role of a student learning a piece and ask questions to which Okuda was to explain.
Okuda chose to play the piece for me first. I listened intensively to the piece and I was drawn more and more into the sound. It felt like a physical draw towards the sound as well as I was totally encased in the sound.
Then it changed and I was only listening and drawn to Okuda's breathing. My own breathing adjusted to his and our breaths became one for a little while.
Then I felt an expansion and the breaths were no longer mine and Okuda's. It was the breathing of the whole universe - all living beings past, present and future - and all beings past, present and future were one....
Ahhhh... the shakuhachi. Make you dream far out...