Monday, August 10, 2009

Tanzawa Mountain Twin

  • A black urushi 1.9 shakuhachi restored in 2009 after splitting 41 years ago. Kyozan calligraphy in gold leaf maki and red urushi laquer at the utaguchi reads "Tan", while the other adjacent culm was intended to read "Zawa".

  • Such one piece (nobekan) bamboo which fit shakuhachi specifications are difficult to find within a grove. Average estimates from harvesters range from three to seven pieces per square mile. Morimasa Horiuchi found this twin piece next to the other 1.9 two-hanko Kyozan shown in an earlier post, growing on the same connected root. Like finding a patch of four-leaf clovers growing together!

  • Beautiful intonation and spot-on classic C# pitch. Meris deeply with little effort. Bindings are 20 pound black nylon thread, and 12 pound clear monfilament over gold leaf Kyozan calligraphy that reads "Tanzawa Mountain One Root, Two Bamboo. Kyozan." A sonic pot of gold from the mountains of Tanazawa in view of Mount Fuji.